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Hit by Metropolitan Police Virus! Tips to Avoid after Removal

Overall Description about Metropolitan Police Virus

Nowadays Metropolitan Police virus has been getting to diversification which includes several most vicious ones like Child Porn virus, PCeU virus, FBI Money Pack virus and Department of Justice virus.
Tee Support agents 24/7 online herein do not show the interface here because they have various pop up images. However, badge and national flag are the common things in the background; as regard to the content will always regard to ransom collection to avoid prosecution and there’s a video loading taken by your built-in camera (if there’s any) claiming to record your activity regardless of which country you are in and what language you use, because all those virus belong to Metropolitan Police Virus. Everything just looks like the real but always bear in mind that no authentic government body or institution will collect fine by locking up one’s computer. It is definitely a SCAM!

What Would A Metropolitan Police Virus Does?

Metropolitan Police Virus has evolved considerably, it is not the same one as it came up the first time that can be removed simply by entering into safe mode with networking or safe mode with command prompt since it has been found to be rooted too deeply for basic approaches to work on it, Here is the summary of damages people suffer from the lock down virus:
  • Some people that are computer engineering literate would come up with the solution by setting up a new account to proceed. Unfortunately, Metropolitan Police virus simply makes the target computer ask for a password that has never been established or hides administrator user in safe mode;
  • Run scans in safe mode will help you kill some detected files but will not be sufficient to kicks out the screen blocking virus;
  • Safe mode is also block with the Metropolitan Police ransom-required page and so is safe mode with command prompt;
  • Infected PC doesn’t give you safe mode choice;
  • Blue screen occurs when you try to restore the system;
  • When try to modify some malicious files, .cmd and .exe suffix will be blocked by the police virus;
  • Fake police virus is so clever that is able to modify itself to disappear once to bypass security utility as it knows where it is being searched for;
  • After Explore it typed in, no desktop can be seen, etc..
Desperate? It is not the timing! Follow up the steps below whether you are not a computer savvy or a computer literate that has little experience on solving the problem. Any hard-fixed issue will be overcome if you access 24/7 online computer help center here.

Notification: situation can be different from individuals if you take the operating system, security service and the time you have kept Metropolitan Police virus into consideration. So if you would like to remove the lock up virus yourself, you should follow up the thread that is suitable to your condition, or you’ll get unexpected systematic damages that can be irretrievable.

Little Unsure of What to Do? Follow Steps below to Collapse

Note: Getting into desktop doesn’t mean that Metropolitan Police virus has gone for good. If you don’t remove it completely, sooner or later, rebooting would rob you of the possibility of accessing to desktop again, meaning that your computer will probably be locked for good then.

Steps Show You How to Stop Webcam Stream and Unlock Your Computer

Disable Webcam

Stop your webcam stream against Cybercrime Investigation Department virus by denying flash.
Step:  right click on the video broadcast interface to select ‘settings’. You’ll get the little window popped up as shown below:

Then tick ‘Deny’

Unlock Computer

before trudge through the complex steps hereinafter, play the detailed video first to gain a general clue of how to operate

Step1:Reboot your computer and log into Safe Mode with Networking.
As the computer is booting but before Windows launches, tap the "F8 key" continuously which should bring up the "Windows Advanced Options Menu" as shown below. Use your arrow keys to highlight "Safe Mode with Networking" option and press Enter key.


Step2: Launch msconfig. and disable startup items rundll32 

 Click "start" —> put msconfig. in "search box" —> press Enter —> disable rundll32



Step3: Reboot your system one more time and enter into Safe Mode with Networking.

Step4: Run regedit. Search for Winlogon.

Click "start" —> put regedit in "search box" —> press Enter —> press and hold Ctrl+F to search for Winlogon

Step5:There will be a key labeled Shell in the right pane. It should reference Explorer.exe or be blank. If not, right click it and replace it with explorer.exe.

Note: if you cannot load explorer.exe, and cannot see Windows Task Manager or desktop, follow the steps below:

1. start explorer.exe

a) Press "Alt+Ctrl+Del".
b) Click "Task manager"
c) Click "New Task".


 d) Type "explorer.exe" and press "Ok"

Now explorer.exe will load and you can see your Desktop and all your files .

Step6: Save changes, reboot to safe mode with networking.
Step7: Run msconfig and disable all unnecessary startup entries.

a) Remove related files and folders by clicking on the “Start” menu and then click on the “Search programs and files” box, Search for and delete related files;
b) Deleting associated registry entries by opening Registry Editor with Windows+R keys, type regedit in Run box and click “OK” to proceed. When Registry Editor is open, search and get rid of the associated registry entries.

Any Methods to Check to be Certain System is Clean?

Anyone who get infected with lock down police virus would just want to be on the complete safe side. Want to check? It is simple. First if you don’t have the screen-locking page after a couple of reboots, it basically implies a clean system. But to further confirmed, a full scan will do.

Tips for Future Virus Prevention

Want to avoid the same thing from happening again? First thing we should do is to know how people get block by Metropolitan Police Virus:
  1. When on a streaming site (whether it is well-known or not) trying to catch up with various TV shows;
  2. When opening attachments from spam emails;
  3. When visiting random sites that have not been verified including porn sites;
  4. When trying to download something that seems to be good;
And somewhere like that.
Therefore, be cautious when clicking links, It can point your browser to download threats or visit malicious web site; don’t download unkown "free" software; avoid opening unknown e-mail attachments.

Attention please: solution can be different according to various concrete situation; if the above offered guide cannot solve the issue, you are welcome to resort help from Tee Support technicians 24/7 available that have rich experience in removing Metropolitan Police virus. You can read the customer feedback here

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